The Rahgozar Law Firm provides several different visa-related services including providing assistance with applications and petitions, helping employers sponsor potential immigrant workers, and appealing visa denials.

Visas are the most common means of legal travel for people to move between borders.

The United States federal government authorizes a set number of visas every year for different categories of immigrants, temporary workers, and travelers.

In some visa categories, few if any of the available visas are ever applied for and there are no waiting periods due to the limited eligibility of those categories.

In most visa categories, however, the number of available visas is used each and every year and many applicants are placed on waiting lists to keep their eligibility open for subsequent visas.

For H1-B visas (a type of temporary employment visas) specifically, the cap is normally reached within the first day of the annual visa offerings.

We offer visa application assistance in the following categories:

Non-immigrant visas

Many foreign nationals are seeking visas for more permanent stays, but many of the visas regularly granted are non-immigrant visas such as travel visas and student visas.

Applications for these types of visas are normally simpler than immigrant visas; however, hiring an attorney may be necessary if complications arise during the visa application process.

Investor visas

For foreign investors seeking to invest in U.S. companies, a special category of visas is available under the employment visa category. These visas offer a simple means for wealthy international businessmen to immigrate to the United States where their business interests can be better served.

Our law firm has worked with immigrant investors before, and we are experienced in applying for these types of investor visas

Asylum-seekers and refugees

The United States also offers a limited number of visas for persons seeking asylum in the U.S. or are entering the U.S. as refugees. If you believe that you may fall into one of these categories, you should contact our office for visa application assistance.

Immigration interviews for these visa categories is very stringent and emotionally draining. Having the support of an attorney can make the process much easier.

Artists, athletes, and unique skills-based visas

The United States federal government also offers several miscellaneous visas for specially-talented individuals such as artists, musicians, athletes, and other notable people. Due to the extremely specific and highly stringent qualifications for these visas, our website does not have a page specifically designated for these categories of visas.

However, if you believe you may meet the qualifications for one of these visas and would like assistance in applying, contact our Houston office to speak with one of our immigration attorneys.

Employment-based immigration
Foreign workers seeking work in the United States can apply for employment-based visas where the foreign worker has a U.S. employer willing to sponsor their application.

Both temporary work visas and permanent immigration visas are available. If you are seeking work in the United States, you and your prospective employer should contact our law firm for assistance in the application process.

Family-based visas
The vast majority of legal immigration on an annual basis is through the issuance of family visas. Immediate family members such as children and spouses can apply for immediate family visas and can begin the immigration process shortly after applying.

Other extended family members such as siblings can also apply for family based visas, although that process is slightly more time consuming. Our office handles these visas on a daily basis, and we would be happy to assist family members who may want to permanently reside in the United States.

Special visas for juveniles, and victims of crimes, trafficking, and domestic violence
The United States offers special visas for children who have been abandoned, abused, or neglected by one or both of their parents. Additionally, limited visa numbers are reserved for individuals who have been a victim of certain types of crimes (which they have reported to and worked with law enforcement); those who have been a victim of sex or labor trafficking; and those whom are battered and victims of domestic violence.

If you are a foreign national seeking a visa for any purpose, you should first determine what type of visa you should acquire.

  • Many visas such as travel visas and student visas can be easy to acquire without the assistance of an attorney (although not all of the time).
  • More complicated and permanent visa applications could warrant the hiring of an attorney to assist in the application process.

The competition to receive most commonly-available visas is staggering.

Many visa applications are either set aside or immediately rejected because not all of the requirements for the visa are met or paperwork was either incorrectly or untimely filed.

An experienced immigration attorney can help most visa seekers through the process and give hopeful migrants and foreign workers a chance at entry.

Our law firm has been helping people from all around the world file visa applications of many types for many years.

The experience that our law firm will bring to the process can help your chances of approval. Provision of our services is not a guarantee of success, and visa applications can be rejected for many reasons.

The reality is that the best immigration attorney in the world cannot guarantee visa acceptance—trust us, we know because we’re the best in Houston. Applicants’ chances of success are substantially increased by hiring an immigration attorney.


How do I know what type of visa I should apply for?

Several different categories of visas exist, and the visa that you should apply for depends on your reason for entering the country. Our law firm’s website covers many types of visas in more detail.

If you are not sure what you may qualify for, we can help evaluate your case to determine whether you qualify for a particular visa category.  Call our office to schedule a consultation.

Why was my visa application denied?

There are many reasons that a visa could have been denied, including incomplete application information, etc.

An immigration attorney can help you determine why your visa application was denied and can suggest ways to revise your application, reapply, or appeal the decision.

What happens if my visa application is denied?

There is a limited ability to appeal denials of visas, which differs on a case-by-case basis.

If you receive a denial, contact our office immediately to see whether there is an option to appeal your case. In some instances, you will just have to reapply again.

Which immigration agency should I contact?

Contact the Department of State, U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad with questions about U.S. visas, including applications, the status of visa processing, and for inquiries relating to visa denial. Once in the United States, you are under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security.

The Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is responsible for the approval of all applications and petitions, the authorization of permission to work in the United States, the issuance of extensions of stay, and change or adjustment of an applicant’s status while the applicant is in the United States.

Can I simply buy a visa?

Not technically. Most visas require applicants to meet certain criteria for admission. However, a special category of investor visas exists for foreign nationals willing to invest in U.S. companies. Please see our website’s page on investor visas for more information.

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