Hired as an Immigration Attorney

We hired Ms. Rahgozar as an immigrant attorney, to be honest she have a wonderful personality, so professional and organized, taking care our case as her case.

Excellent Response Time

Pegah Rahgozar had excellent response time; she spent time with me on the telephone discussing possibilities of my case. I like the fact that she made the effort to call me instead of having a secretary call me back. She sent me numerous e-mails in regards to my case. She was willing to go extra mile for me and that was something very special. I highly recommend Pegah, she is very personable, caring and empathetic.

Professional Lawyer

My wife and I decided to change our immigration status.  We were looking forward to find a professional lawyer who can successfully finalize our cases.  Mrs. Pegah Rahgozar was introduced by a friend of us and we signed the contract with her (Rahgozar Law Firm, PLLC).  She completed our applications with all necessary comments legally evidenced our eligibility to USCIS authorities.  She did an excellent job specially at the time of interview.  We appreciate Mrs. Rahgozar good efforts and debate with the officer and supervisor to get prove our rightfulness.  We think she was an effective multiple task individual as immigration lawyer.  Ensured that all processes were completed in timely manner.  Mrs. Rahgozar would be an asset to any client and we recommend her for any endeavors she chosen to pursue in this respect.

Professional and Knowledgeable

I have found Rahgozar Law Firm to be one of the most professional and knowledgeable attorneys with whom I have worked. I do not hesitate to contact them when I need the assistance of an attorney in a difficult case or expert advice.

Great Attorney

I found out about Pegah through my mothers coworker. Considering i had a horrible experience with a previous attorney, Pegah reassured me things would get done for my husbands case. She is a great attorney explains everything step by step as the case goes and lets you know what to expect. I would highly recommend Pegah to anybody in the future.

Brilliant Attorney!

I am really glad I found Pegah right before I gave up hope due to a very incompetent attorney. Pegah is very friendly and approachable, and understands what you require and explains not just the pros but also the cons of all your legal options. She is straightforward, honest and hardworking and is willing to put in the hard work for you. She will match you in your determination to win a case, and is always available to help answer your questions and support you above and beyond what she has to.

Knowledgable Attorney

I have found Rahgozar Law Firm to be one of the best law firms i have dealt with in addition to there knowledgeable attorneys which treated my case with utmost Professional way.
I recommend all in need to deal with them and i do not hesitate to contact them when I need the assistance of an attorney in a difficult case or expert advice.

A Light In The Darkness, Una Luz En La Obscuridad

My case has been very difficult and I have look for someone to help me for 10 years, after many lawyers taking my money just to tell me No! i cant help you! I was lucky to find Pegah and her team, from the moment that you first talk to her you will feel that you can trust her, not only because she is very knowledgeable in immigration law but because she will make you feel like family, Pegah has working on my case day and night, has been very patient with my ups and downs and I finally have hope, and this is what she represents to me and my family HOPE! thank you Pegah.

Mi caso ha sido muy difícil busque ayuda con muchos abogados durante 10 años , después que muchos abogados tomaran mi dinero sólo para decirme No!! no puedo ayudarle! Tuve la suerte de encontrar a Pegah y su equipo , desde el primer momento en que hable con ella me senti que se puedia confiar en ella, no sólo porque ella está muy bien informada en la ley de inmigración sino porque ella le hará sentir como en familia , Pegah tiene trabajando en mi caso de día y noche , ha sido muy paciente con mis altibajos y finalmente tengo esperanza , y esto es lo que Pegah representa para mí y mi familia Esperanza ! Gracias Pegah..

The Best Experience

I was referred by my farmer’s insurance agent to Attorney Pegah in regard to my Immigration case (Asylum)
It was the best experience I ever had working with the most flexible Law Firm (Rahgozar Law Firm, PLLC)… It was an amazing relief working with her in handling the situation professionally through out the process which as of today is a pending case.
She is a good listener,caring,opened and always easy to be in touch with particularly in responding through email…
As of now she still my attorney and throughout I didn’t find anything negative or undone.

Great Experience with Pegah

We found Pegah Rahgozar online and it was a gift, since the first contact, she welcome us in a respectful way. Always responded emails, questions, and call fast. As English is not my first language, she is always patient and explained as many times I need. She is efficient and clear, highly recommend her!

Friendly, Professional & Personal

She was there for my husband and I when the system, especially during and election year, was even harder to succeed. Within a year, we had all the status of visas changed and including the marriage and long term relationship we had. The only thing I can say, is schucran, thank you, and humdu Lillilah. If we had to do it over, she still would be my first choice. The process I’ve seen take 5 years, took 1, and I think that is more than acceptable for a status change from student, and now within months of each other, a work visa, a marriage visa, and a green card. Thank you, Jana and Nabil and Abigail

Amazing Experience!

Found out about Rahgozar Law Firm online . Engaged their services for a green card for me and my wife . Pegah is amazing !!! She is prompt, proactive , understanding and has good knowledge of what needs to be done . All my paperwork was done on time and submitted as quickly as possible . Both her and Gina stay on top of our case status and are quick to react in the event there is any issue with the processing of the case

We are still waiting to receive the approval of our application but feel confident that all will be good with Pegah on our side .

The Ideal Lawyer

Mrs. P.Rahgozar did a good job for me and my wife from the moment she started to work for us. In the OVERALL RATING can be read the scores that I gave to her which says it all. But since I have to answer by words here I go…..my wife and i had difficulties in getting together soon because she contacted a lawyer which was not good at her job. From the begining of january 2014 the lawyer whose name or place of work I don´t mention for respect, did nothing but to make my wife and I waste our time and made us feel very dissapointed for all the months we wasted without getting any good answer from her……after almost ten months of so much dissapointment, my wife contacted a new lawyer whose name is MRS. P.RAHGOZAR. this lawyer did in two months what the other lawyer didn´t do in ten. even though my wife and i still need to wait to get together, it is not MRS. P.RAHGOZAR desicion but USA´s to give us an answer……this is all to say that we thank deeply to this lawyer and that we wish her very good luck in all she does during her carrier.

Great Law Firm. I Highly Recommend It!

I am very happy with the service and the outcome of the case. I enjoyed the professionalism and the teamwork of Pegah and her assistant Gina they were courteous, attentive and prompt and really easy to reach by phone or email but above all they were honest and knowledgeable and that is something you definitely need when hiring a lawyer.
My case was somewhat complicated and required a high attention to detail but that was not a problem for them they were able to keep everything organized and made sure all the requirements for my case were met.
As far as price I think they were honest and fair on the hours billed so it made my case affordable.

I would definitely go back to them and/or refer them for future immigration/legal needs.

Good Results

I’m pleased with the results as my status petition was granted. The attorney has good research skills and can do detailed, thorough work to ensure positive results, but I would strongly suggest current and prospective clients to be hands on and do their own research in advance, revise all paperwork very carefully, and not hesitate to make comments and clear all doubts before submitting anything to the government. Attorneys are not perfect and the slightest error or missed detail can lead to longer processing times and higher expenses.

Awesome Lawyer & Amazing Person

No matter what i write, i dont think i can do justice to Pegah’s professional skills and capabilities. Pegah is my lawyer for my spouse sponsored permanent residency application. She is very professional and knows her stuff. She put together our packet with utmost care for even the smallest details that might possibly come up with USCIS.
I am the kind of person who freaks out easily but Pegah was always there to answer my frequent queries and questions during the long and gruelling immigration process. If your lawyer is always available and responsive to your questions even if they are merely the result of your nerves and impatience, that tells you a lot about devotion and attention of your lawyer towards their clients.
Apart from her professional help, Pegah is always willing to go above and beyond to help her clients. She offered me advice and support on issues that were not directly related to the immigration process.
We are currently waiting for our interview but I am confident that with Pegah’s help, we’ll get through it successfully inshallah.
I would definitely recommend her!

Life Changing Help!

Our case was very complicated but Pegah broke down every step and situation so we always knew what was happening. She was able to navigate our complex system and achieve our desired result.

Five Stars for Ms. Rahgozar

I have worked with 3-5 lawyers and then was referred to Rahgozar. I got a sense that Ms. Rahgozar really cared about my immigration issue. The compassion and understanding I received was fantastic. The help I received was even better.

Pegah Is Very Professional

Our company and I have started working with Pegah when she was just a new attorney and she showed us professionalism from day one. Her work ethics is unquestionable and she works very efficiently. I would highly recommend her!

Pegah Was A Pleasure

I am so delighted to recommend Pegah Rahgozar for legal services. My wife and I recently applied for and were granted a green card based on marriage. We are in a dream state and it has so much to do with our wonderful attorney.