Are You Eligible for Asylum?

Do you have a fear of returning to your home country?

Have you been persecuted or fear future persecution because of your race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion? Have you been harmed, mistreated, or will be harmed or mistreated on account of your race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion?

Has the persecution been at the hands of the government, or someone the government is unable or unwilling to control?

You may qualify for asylum!

There is a strict timeline in terms of when you can file an affirmative asylum application. You must file within 1 year of your entry into the United States. However, if the 1 year has passed, you may be eligible to still apply for asylum in certain circumstances.

If you are eligible to file for asylum, then you will be allowed to stay in the United States, get work authorization, and get a green card.

You can also include your spouse and children under your asylum claim, whether they reside in the United States or are outside of the country. You must either concurrently file for them with your application or you must file for them within two years of being granted asylum.

After you have applied for asylum, you will be scheduled for an interview before an immigration officer. The process times vary by state, and can take anywhere from weeks to months, and even years, before an interview is every scheduled. Once you do attend your interview, the officer will review your case and ask questions about your claim. Based on evidence presented, the officer will make the determination of whether you will be granted or denied asylum. The decision will be ready for pick up approximately two weeks after your interview.

If you are denied asylum, your case will be referred to the Immigration Court.

Note: If you are in deportation or removal proceedings and you qualify for asylum, you can still file for a defensive asylum application. Please note that at this stage, the procedure and your options differ when you go before an Immigration Judge or Board of Immigration Appeals. Be sure to consult with a knowledgeable immigration attorney who can help navigate the immigration court process.

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